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KOGANEI is proud to manufacture innovative, industry leading products for life science applications. Since 1933, our focus has always been on clean technology.
Fluororesin Products - Pure Process Series

Among various plastic materials, fluororesin exhibits particularly superior chemical resistance, heat resistance, low friction, electrical insulation, low tackiness, weather resistance, and other features. This superior material is fabricated using micro-machining technology for PTFE products, and Koganei’s independently developed injection molding method for PFA products, all under Koganei’s rigorous quality control. These products are used in the semiconductor, liquid crystal, and other electronics sectors, as well as in chemicals, food products, medical equipment, chemical plants, and a wide variety of other industrial sectors.

iB Cyclone

iB-Cyclone (Rc Thread, Cycline Type Water Separator)
iB Cyclone (NPT Thread, Cycline Type Water Separator

(Rc and NPT Thread) High-speed cyclone system (patent pending): Refined centrifuge know-how. Half the volume ratio of equivalent equipment, with a moisture separation rate of at least 99%. (Koganei measurement standards). No element makes it maintenance free.

Media Isolation Valves

Koganei is proud to deliver both a direct acting AND air pilot valve for use in life science and other unique media (including liquid) applications. We are proud to offer our newest innovation exclusively through our authorized Koganei distribution network.

Features include:

10 million cylce life
Captive Mounting Screws
Cv = 0.04 with contamination less than 35 µL
Matching mounting footprint for both solenoid and air pilot models