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DD Line Card

AIR-VAC ENGINEERING - Specializes in air operated vacuum generators/pumps

AIRTAC INTERNATIONAL - Known for its quality pneumatic valves, actuators, process valves & air preparation products - priced right

AMERITOOL - Specializes in gas springs and dampers

D & D AIR & HYDRAULIC COMPONENTS - Newly opened service centre for hydraulic hose assemblies, in-house repair of compressors & cylinders, local maintenance

FLEXTRAL - For all your hydraulic and industrial hose needs

HALLITE SEALS INTERNATIONAL - Manufactures a wide range of rod/gland, piston, & static seals

HERCULES BULLDOG SEALING PRODUCTS - Hydraulic seals & seal kits for all heavy equipment brands

ITT ENIDINE - Widest range of shock absorbers (adjustable and non-adjustable, air springs, wire rope isolators, air mounts and rate controls

MAYTEC - For precise capabilities of aluminum extrusion, give us a call.  We carry both metric & inch sizes & can customize to your specific application needs

NOLATRON - Leader in anti-tie down control modules

NORGREN - Known for its quality pneumatic valves, actuators, process valves & air preparation products

PARKER/SMC - Hydraulic cylinders

PNEUMADYNE - Pneumatic manifolds - brass, aluminum, nylon, 303 stainless steel, polypropylene, 

PRONA TOOLS - Diaphragm pumps

SUPER-DRY - Cost -effective, heavy duty purification, separation, dehydration & filtration equipment for compressed air

TOPRING - Compressed air distrubition systems, quick couplers, air hoses, blow guns, air guns, safety valves, check valves & manifolds

WERTHER INTERNATIONAL - Silent & oil-free air compressors, dental lab compressors

Hydraulic Hose Assemblies


Bazooka VT Vacuum Transducers with Funnel

Vacuum Removal Solutions for Loose Slugs, Shavings, Piercings or Finished Parts in Progressive Fabricating Dies

• Vacuum Sleeves
• Vacuum Transducer Funnel Units
• Vacuum Transducer Cap Units

Vacuum is applied to the die opening causing atmosphere air to flow through the die opening, preventing loose scrap from pulling out with the punch.

The Vacuum Transducer and Funnel are used to vacuum away loose scrap from multiple die openings.

The Vacuum Sleeve is installed beneath the die opening and prevents shavings from pulling up with the punch.


Compressed Air Distribution Systems

Clean Air & Optimal Efficiency

• Aluminium pipe ensures a total absence of corrosion

• Aluminium pipes prevent problems caused by rust
  common in metal pipe systems

• The “fullbore” design and the low friction coefficient of
   aluminium pipe provide optimal and constant flow
   throughout and minimize pressure drop

• Due to consistent clean quality air from the
  compressor to the equipment, aluminium pipe ensures
  higher longevity of the equipment and avoids frequent
  changes of filtration elements

Silicon Carbide Grease Mix

LOCTITE® Clover® Silicon Carbide Grease Mix abrasive pastes are the preferred abrasives for fast cutting all but the hardest and toughest metals. The result is a smooth flat surface. LOCTITE® Clover® Silicon Carbide Grease Mix is the most widely used. It retains the texture and lubrication properties during extended lapping. Typical applications include lapping, honing and grinding valve seats, gear teeth, dowel holes in dies, bushings, flat surfaces on seals and castings, machining parts, shafts, knives and cutting blades.

Sealing Solutions - O'Rings

Sealing Solutions – O'Rings

We carry O-Rings that can seal extremely high pressures in many applications.

We can customize O-Rings to facilitate sizes outside the standard requirements.

Our line-up is extensive:

• Aflas (TFE). These units offer an advantageous blend of high-temperature, chemical, and electrical resistance.

• Backup. Washer-style components that prevent seals from extruding through gaps when under pressure.

• Buna (Nitrile). These O-rings resist many fluids, plus abrasion and tear. High tensile strength, high elongation, and low compression set.

• Custom vulcanized. Tailored to specific application requirements.

• EDPM (ethylene propylene). O-rings with high tensile strength, elongation, high low-temperature flexibility, and good heat aging.

• HSN-80. These are better than NBR in low-brittle temperature, oil, and heat, with high resistance to sour gasoline and ozone.

• Kalrez. Units that resist more than 1,800 chemicals, with high-temperature stability.

• Metallic. These prevent gas or liquid leaks under adverse sealing conditions.

• PTFE-encapsulated. O-rings for harsh sealing environments, decreasing downtime wherever corrosive liquids or gases can result in premature seal failure.

• Quad-rings. Great sealing characteristics for many tasks.

• Silicone. Components with high resistance to temperature extremes and dry heat.

• Teflon. These are perfect for high temperatures or corrosive fluids or gases. Impervious to harsh chemicals, acid, and gases. Designed according to military specifications.

• Viton (fluorocarbon). O-rings with high-temperature stability. Resistance against chemicals, petroleum, weathering, ozone, and oxygen.

Shaft Repair Sleeves

 Shaft Repair Sleeves

These are precision stainless steel wear sleeves designed to prolong the life of damaged shafts and yokes by providing a new sealing surface that is superior to most original finishes and materials.

Nopak Cylinders and Valves

 Nopak Product Line


·         EPC Series – Aluminum Head NFPA Cylinders

·         Class 1-2-M – Hydraulic Cast Head Cylinders

·         Class 1-2-M-SVR – Nopak Severe Service Cylinders

·         Class 3 – NFPA Hydraulic High Pressure Square-Head Cylinders

·         Class 6 – NFPA Pneumatic & Hydraulic Intermediate Pressure Square-Head Cylinders

·         Boosters Intensifiers and Air-Oil Tanks – NFPA

·         CM Series Cable Cylinders

·         Cylinder Saver

·         Valves – Hand and Foot Valves

·         Valves – Heavy Duty Brass Valves

DD Service Centre



Hydraulic & Pneumatic Seals, Seal Kits, Gaskets & Braided Packing

Your one stop shop for Hydraulic Seals, Pneumatic Seals, Rod Buffer Seals, Unitized Pistons, Vee Packs, Industrial Seal Kits, Wipers, Static Seals ORings and so much more!

We stock inch and metric size seals for all your hydraulic and pneumatic sealing needs including: U-Seals, T-Seals, O-Rings, Buffer Seals, Vee Packing, Piston Seal Assemblies, Wipers, Wear Rings and Back-up Rings, etc.

Industrial Seal Kits

  • Industrial Cylinder Repair Kits and glands for industrial plant applications
  •  Seal kit manufacturers include Atlas, HydroLine, Miller, Parker, Sheffer and more
  • Cylinder Repair Seals
  • Cylinder Repair Seal Kits
  • Cylinder Repair Parts 


  • Full Face & Ring Gaskets
  • In All Materials – Paper & Rubber
  • Materials available for Rubber Gaskets Viton/NBR/Neoprene/EPDM – FDA Approved
  • Materials available for Paper Gaskets Durable/Febre Paper/Vebetable Oil Treated
  • Paper/VTFE/Garlock/Klinger and also Shim Stock
  • Natural Rubber
  • Closed Cell Blended Sponge Rubber (Neoprene/EPDM/SBR Blend)
  • Closed Cell EPDM Sponge Rubber
  • Closed Cell Nitrile (Buna-N) Sponge Rubber
  • Neoprene Open Cell Spong
  • Silicone Foam
  • Cork
  • Durlon – Non Asbestos Compressed Sheet

 Braided Packing 

  • Acrylics
  • Aramids
  • Carbon
  • Metal
  • Valve Tem
  • Phonolic
  • PTFE
  • Vegetable Fibre
  • Aramid Corner

Check Valves & Safety Valves

APPLICATIONS:  Designed to protect air compressor tanks and other unfired pressure vessels by exhausting when the maximum pressure is reached.


Body / Valve + Guide: Brass
Ring / Spring: Stainless steel

:  Working Temperature: Brass: - 40 °C to 177 °C


• High quality, corrosion-resistant safety valves
• Optimum high flow discharge rates
• CRN OG-3724

Butterfly Valves

A butterfly valve is a quarter-turn valve used to regulate flow. A metal disc in the body of the valve is positioned perpendicular to the flow in the closed position, and rotated one quarter of a turn to be parallel to the flow in the fully opened position.

Big Red Grease - Extreme Pressure Non-Melt Grease

Excellent extreme pressure grease, particularly where bearings and chassis points are subject to high temperature conditions or heavy loads.

• Excellent shear stability
• Extreme load carrying capacity 55 Timken OK load
• Extreme pressure protection
• Contains special corrosion and rust inhibitors
• Exceptional anti-wear properties
• Excellent adhesive and cohesive properties
• Will not “throw-off” or “pound-out”
• Continues to operate over 1100°F

High Quality Sealing Solutions


• Metric and Inch
• Hydraulic Seals
• Wiper Rings
• Rod Seals
• Piston Seals
• Wear Rings
• Back-up Rings
• U-Seals
• Buffer Seals
• Vee Packing
• Retainer Rings
• Oil Seals
• Cushion Seals
• Pneumatic Seals

Parker Clipper Oil Seals

 Parker Clipper Oil Seals

Clipper Oil Seals are used in a wide range of industries including light industrial, mining, paper, steel, food processing, marine, aerospace and petrochemical.